Online Guitar Courses – The 6 Most Popular Guitar Programs

If you need to learn one thing or another about playing the guitar, someone out on the internet has created an online guitar course for your purpose. There are just so many out there, you could probably find dozens of “personally defined” lessons that are right for you.

However, not all of these guitar courses are holding up to their promises and the review sites are starting to make this public for the benefit of the consumers. Just like buying a used car, you need to stay informed of what the best prices and options to receive are at the time.

So, check out this short, but very important list about the most popular guitar courses being offered over the internet for beginning guitarists.

1. Jamorama Guitar

It all begins and ends with Jamorama. This set of guitar lessons boasts that it can take anyone who wants to learn the guitar and turn them into a song-playing machine.

The creator, Ben Edwards, decided to take a more personal approach to learning and assembled over 140 videos for this purpose. With the additional e-books and bonus software that you’ll receive with your purchase, it seems like a pretty good deal.

2. Learn and Master Guitar

Now, this set of online guitar courses stands out because it’s actually part of a larger set of products called “Learn and Master.” They offer courses to learn the drums, piano, guitar, painting, and even ballroom dancing.

So whether you want to be a musician or dance to the music, they seem to have experts in all areas.

3. Guitar Super Stars

This one just recently came on the scene, but appears to be gaining popularity very rapidly due to their original sales pitch. They promise that not only you will learn the guitar, but they have an entire team of guitar teachers that you can choose from.

So, if someone appears to be as dusty as your fret board, you can toss them aside and learn from someone else.

4. Guitar Scale Mastery

Opposing the all-inclusive online guitar courses is Guitar Scale Mastery. If you were to visit the page, you would find an impressive video where the instructor zooms up and down the fret board at a brilliant speed to showcase his skills.

The reason this set of lessons opposes the all-inclusive courses is because you need to already know how to play the guitar in order to learn from this course. Guitar Scale Mastery is all about learning scales and exploring a lead guitar improvisational aspect of the instrument.

5. JamPlay

JamPlay is another system that will teach you from the ground up and give you the option of choosing from over 29 instructors. They talk about videos and multiple camera angles, but bad reviews don’t lie and they’ve received quite a few of them.

6. Amazing Guitar Secrets

This online guitar course is a little less popular than the others, but is coming around as a heavy hitter more and more each day. Amazing Guitar Secrets simply decides to break down the goal of learning the guitar into manageable bites of information.

You’ll hear the instructor, Dan Denley talk about the five essential things that every guitarist should know and try to break the lessons down accordingly.

These types of courses offered on the internet can really take your skills to the next level, but you should still be informed about scams and hoaxes that trick you in order to claim your cash.

Visit this site about Jamorama and its sub courses like Jamorama Lead guitar, to learn why an experienced guitarist says NOT to buy them.

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